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relay card

Our PLC Smart Relay card comes with 8 channels & can be customised as per requirement, making it ideal for a range of applications. It operates at a supply voltage of 24VDC, with a maximum output current of 10A. The logic input voltage can be configured for PNP or NPN opto isolation with protection from output short circuit & input reverse polarity with various indications such as Power,Fault & Output and high speed response,this device ensures reliable & efficient operation. It's PWM operation of upto 20KHz allows for precise control, making it a topic choice for applications requiring high performance & accuracy.

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Introducing India's first parallel voltage control smart servo stabilizer for enhanced performance which is a game changer in India’s Voltage stabilizer market, featuring an interactive graphical display, 100% Unbalanced load connectivity & advanced safety features make it a versatile and user friendly solution for a wide range of applications. It delivers exceptional voltage regulation accuracy of ±0.5%, making it highly efficient and cost effective solution for voltage control needs. Additionally it comes with an 18- month warranty, making it a reliable and trustworthy choice for customer.

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Our industrial UPS has high efficiency power solution that offers stable & reliable power supply. With it's advanced protective features, the product is designed to protect against overload & output short circuit ensuring safe and reliable operation.
An interactive graphical display allows for easy monitoring and control of power supply parameters , while it's 100% unbalanced load connectivity & quick transfer time make it a versatile & reliable solution for a wide range of applications.

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Tesla IoT Board


Introducing the Tesla IoT Board - the ultimate electronic product for hassle-free programming and connectivity. Packed with powerful features like an ESP8266 I2-E on-board chip and various network protocols, this board includes built-in sensors, direct LCD interfacing setup, relay drivers, LEDs, potentiometer, and power sources. With compatibility for popular programming environments like Arduino IDE, Visual Studio, and more, the Tesla IoT Board is the perfect choice for any electronic project.

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